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The Vanessa Grant Girls’ School is set in more than fifteen acres of land, just two kilometers outside Rongai. The school has been designed from scratch with input from both educationalists and professional architects. The result is an open and spacious campus that is inviting and efficient. The school is surrounded by a stone wall with an electric and alarmed fence and so is comfortably secure. The four dormitories have been designed to create a warm and friendly community and the rooms are arranged around a courtyard. The school benefits from spacious and friendly boarding facilities. There is a maximum of 8 girls sharing a room and a house parent in each of the four boarding houses. Every effort has been made to incorporate practical measures that contribute to environmental sustainability. There is an underground rainwater storage tank with a capacity on 300,000 litres. Rongai is normally a dry area. The main water supply is from its own borehole. The school is generously equipped with learning facilities for all the VGGS students. The separate Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories are outstanding and each is fully equipped and resourced.
The school sees IT and the use of computers as key areas for the effective education. The IT Laboratory is fully networked and currently there are adequate desktop computers for a full class of 35 students. We also have portable student laptops to enhance learning among our students. Apart from the approved course books and revision books, the current library is equipped with 10 computers fully loaded with research, revision and research materials. The IT teacher has an interactive whiteboard operated from his own laptop. Staff have their own laptops and have received training in their use. Using the resources available on the internet is part of the programme. Projectors have been installed in classrooms and are always in use by subject teachers during lessons. The school is connected to the internet which is carefully monitored to ensure that students access only approved sites. There is a large sports field. There is a basketball court, tennis court, volleyball, hockey and netball in addition to the football pitch. We have a state of the art Chapel/Theatre with a seating capacity of more than 500 people; This facility includes a music practice rooms, a stage and a fully configured public address system. The school has invested in modern equipment for the teaching of Home Science, Music, Art&Design and Agriculture. the school has a state of the art ICT /Library complex; the building hosts a fully equipped server room, computer lab, Resource centre, Art and Design, Design and Technology classrooms as well as offices. All staff are accommodated on site and each boarding block has its own resident house matron living in the block in a flat. Students are nourished spiritually by a resident chaplain, we have a daily service at 6:00am that prepares our students for the days learning activities.

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VGGS is a compassionate, focused and motivated community, in which all staff and students work hard and support each other. Truth, integrity and humility are central to everyday living following the example set by Christ.