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Vanessa Grant Girls’ School administration


1. Principal

 Jacklyne Amwayi

Vanessa Grant Girls’ School administration is mainly led by the School Principal. She is overall in charge of academic administration, students’ welfare, policy implementation, financial administration, overseeing teachers and support staff, Implementation of high curriculum standards, setting rules and security procedures, monitoring students’ achievement data, communicating with parents, and the overall school operation. The school principal also leads and works closely with a team of the Senior Management Team which comprises the following;


2.  Deputy Principal.

 Paul Njoroge Mugo


 The school deputy principal’s main role is to support the principal with school administration, and oversee the aspect of student life in both their discipline and their welfare at large. 


 3. Finance Officer    Kevin Awuor


 The Finance Officer leads a team in the Finance Department that oversees the school budgets, school fees payment, school supplies, and the larger financial operations of the school.


4. Director of Studies  Julius Mwangi


The Director of Studies oversees the school’s academic administration which involves monitoring lesson attendance, examination administration and analysis, timetabling, and allocation of lessons to the teaching staff. He also leads a team of Heads of Department.


5. School Chaplain.  Rev. Sarah Kimani


The school has a residential counselor who is also a chaplain. She oversees the administration of programs in chaplaincy which involve the spiritual growth and development of the students and staff. She is also in charge of the Guidance and Counselling department. She also leads a team of the guidance and counseling committee.



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VGGS is a compassionate, focused and motivated community, in which all staff and students work hard and support each other. Truth, integrity and humility are central to everyday living following the example set by Christ.