19 December

University Pathways Programme 2019
Many young adults in Kenya lack the precious opportunity of accessing education after high school, and this greatly limits their potential in life. This is because education after high school serves a crucial part in

16 January

Donation of Desktop Computers

We really appreciate donation of thirty one desktop computers from Ali and Lou Vaziri, We also appreciate for paying us a visit at school. These computers will greatly enhance our learning through;

Access to International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

ICT/Library Building
ICT/Library Building
08 October

VGGS Report 22 August 2018

This report focuses on projects and strategies put in place in an effort to have the best learning experience for our students. Included in this report are; construction of the ICT and Library Complex currently underway, Some of our achievements,

21 May

Academic Day Form Three Postponed

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Several Form3 students will be out of school on 26/05/2018 for various school activities such as Maths contest, music festivals and ball games. This has forced us to postpone the academic day until we decide on a convenient

19 December

VGGS Report 19 December 2016

The chapel is in use though not complete. The first significant event to be held there was the blessing by the Bishop of Nakuru on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates before they sat their first papers.

16 August

VGGS Report 16 August 2015

The focus of this report is on the physical development that has been proceeding apace in order to have more facilities ready for the January 2016 intake and an increase in the number of subjects on offer.

15 April

VGGS Report 15 April 2015

The school entered 61 students for the KCSE leavers’ exam and achieved an overall mean grade of B, very slightly down on last year’s performance, but respectable all the same. Congratulations to both students and teachers.