VGGS Bursaries and Scholarships


Vanessa Grant Girls’ School supports students every year through bursaries and scholarships. These students are those who could never access quality education due to limited funds back at home. Humble background should never be allowed to deny bright girls a chance to advance in life. Generosity of both local and foreign donors has gone a long way in assuring vulnerable girls a bright future. Their donations through Carol Barclay Memorial Bursary Fund (CBMBF) and Kenya Education Support (KES) have enabled needy girls to go through High School and join university where they do prestigious courses. Also through their support some of our girls are involved in exchange programs with schools abroad, especially in Germany and summer programs in the USA. Volunteers financed by donors in Australia, USA, Scotland and England visit VGGS. They encourage and impart great skills to our students. We encourage well-wishers to support a needy girl in our society.