Science Department


The science department at VGGS comprises of very qualified, innovative and experienced staff. Learning of sciences in the school is fun since the teachers incorporate practical approaches to make learning easy and enjoyable. Teaching also involves use of technology which goes a long way to demystify most of the abstract concepts in science. The department is composed of eight teachers and a qualified laboratory technician. It has three well equipped laboratories to cater for the three sciences offered in the school: chemistry, biology and physics. Two other laboratories are under construction. The students are also well equipped with text books, revision books and past papers. Teachers in the department strive daily to come up with interesting and innovative methods of content delivery in line with SMASSE-recommended ASEI approach to teaching and learning. The students are constantly exposed to learning opportunities outside the school by attending contests, symposia, and science and technology fair where they have been competing favorably.
 We strive to remain competitive not only in the county but also nationally. This is in line with the school mission of achieving high standards of teaching and learning with special focus on science and technology.