Jacklyne Amwayi

VGGS Principal - B.Ed. Arts Kiswahili and CRE

Jacklyne joined Vanessa Grant Girls School in December 2019. She was previously serving as Deputy Principal at Kisaruni Girls’ High School in Narok County. This is a WE.ORG/Free The Children high school whose main mission is to empower youths, by giving them leadership training and opportunities through education, so as to effect change in the society.

She joined the organization as a classroom teacher in the year 2013 and later transitioned into the role of School Deputy Principal, with specific responsibility for developing the school’s pastoral and academic programs. She has been in charge of discipline and takes particular pride in the guiding and counselling, mentorship and empowerment roles that this requires. She has taken on the key responsibility of being Patron to the Christian Union and was thrilled to hear that the VGGS has a chaplain and she will be working closely with Reverend Sarah to ensure that VGGS remains a strong Christian School as per the main mission of the school.

In addition to her B.Ed. Arts degree in Kiswahili and CRE, she has just undertaken a professional qualification in Human Resource Management at the Kenya Institute of Management. She is a KNEC qualified examiner and has also achieved consistently exceptional grades for her students at KCSE in CRE. She has attended workshops on “Leadership and Empowerment”, “Maximizing Learning for a Diversity of Learners” and “Differentiated Instructional Methods for Maximizing Learning and How to use the Active Learning Framework to Maximize and Assess Learning”. This background and her impressive interview convinced the panel that she has the vision to take the school forward from its current strong position.