Vanessa Grant Girls' School aims to provide a rich variety of opportunities and a stimulating environment in which each of the girls we care for develops into a young woman who can think independently and can go on to make a positive impact in their community, in Kenya or anywhere in the world. The Vanessa Grant Girls’ School (VGGS) delivers the Kenyan National Curriculum, with particular emphasis on IT and science, as well as students being encouraged to participate in the arts, drama, music and many sporting activities. This is made possible through the provision of excellent facilities and high-quality teaching. Besides receiving a superb academic grounding, students will also be helped to develop leadership qualities, a sense of service to the community and a firm Christian faith. This will provide girls attending the VGGS with the right spiritual, moral and social values, which will act as a firm foundation for each girl in an increasingly complex world, when they leave school.


The establishment of a Christian Secondary School for girls situated in Rongai, Kenya. It is a happy, disciplined school which helps girls achieve very high standards in all they do, so that they leave well equipped to become exceptional leaders in whatever field they choose to enter. This includes the following:
We shall provide an environment and resources for girls and all staff to achieve excellence in each area of school life. Rigorous academic training will be provided and each girl expected to avail herself of every opportunity for learning. Christian values and the promotion of the Christian faith in the Anglican tradition will permeate all aspects of the school.


VGGS’s mission is to provide the very best in boarding education for girls in Kenya. This includes:
Providing a warm and happy family environment for both staff and pupils both inside and outside the classroom at all times of the day and night during term time and during any courses running during school holidays. Showing respect and courtesy both inside and outside the classroom, in the wider Rongai community and beyond. Actively encouraging leadership skills and undertaking of responsibilities. Developing the Christian faith through: daily worship at an assembly; a religious education teaching programme; the encouragement of the Christian Union.


At Vanessa Grant Girls' School, we value: Seeing every pupil and member of staff as an individual with his/her own unique gifts and talents, all of which are worthy of respect. Developing these and giving additional support where necessary. Learning to be of service to others both within and outside the school. Achieving high standards in all aspects of school life through hard work. A commitment to the teachings of Christ. Those who have self respect combined with a respect for others, thus creating a strong team spirit.

“Education is the most powerful weapon there is to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela